Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stupid Easy Bushido Areas of Control

Here's a really easy and dare I say, better-than-passable way to bang out the 6 circular Zones of control you need for your Bushido games, erring on the side of speed.

  • The cobblestone PDF from Dave's Games.net http://www.davesgames.net/catalog-cobblestone-streets-map.htm or any pattern you can do across 4" and 8" circles. Remove or add layers in the PDF to taste
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Flat brush
  • Brown paint
  • Wooden circles in 4" and 8". I use Woodcrafter.com good guy, good business
  • Scapel
  • Light Sanding block
  • Flock or some sort of ground cover, low relief
Look, I am making  some other "real" 3D scenic terrain circles for this game. But when I looked at the cobblestone pack and extra circles I had, I thought, "why the hell not". After all, this can be the underneath of your more scenically rendered circles, in case you want to flip them over for some variety, when visiting a friend's table or hell, even an emergency drink coaster. At very least, you know how to compromise between fully-rendered 3D textures and speed of assembly while benefiting like a beast. All told, these wood circles took me like 5 minutes, not counting dry time. They are sturdy, fast, easy, eager to play, fades into the background... acquainted with industrial lasers. Just how I like my women.

 After slathering the circle with Mod Podge with a flat brush, lay it down on the cobblestone print out, smooth out the paper with a squeegie and put a gallon paint can on that jerk and let it dry. An hour should do. The wood will drink up that glue.

Cut it out. With a wooden rim, it won't get much easier.

Lightly sand the overhanging paper until smooth.

Topcoat the graphic side with matte Mod Podge... it dries clear and seals the paper.

Paint the rim with brown paint

Add moss, grass or flock to taste. I find that even a simple 3D element sells the graphic even better. Let dry and you are done.



Paul O'G said...

"erring on the side of speed." ??

Erring on the side of awesome I'd say! They look great mate

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks mate. You might see a lot more paper craft terrain in my games soon...

Phil said...

Very nice, great details...

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks Phil!

Anonymous said...

Miss seeing your very inspiring work here! I hope you can get your photos back up either through caving in to Photobucket's terrible ransom, through rehosting on a different site, or just posting directly to this site!