Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Next: Fresh Troops/Chimeras or Vendetta?

Based on what I see of my army group shot so far, I think I should update a few other pieces of armor so they are done and get back to painting infantry again.

But then I think about the Vendetta kit I own and haven’t built yet. It seems a must-have piece of gear, especially for groundpounders like the Valhallans.

What do you guys think I should do next? Chimeras and more troops or a Vendetta?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Current Valhallan Group Shot

Click for larger image

Here's the Valhallan force so far. I still have less than a squad to finish up for my specific 1500 point list (the pic shows more than that.) From there I'll get two more Leman Russ to the table then move to more Chimera and my Medusa.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Let me put my poems in you

Since I’m closing in on a solid 1500 pt painted Valhallan IG list I figured I’d take a small breather from GW and look to finish off the Khador Greylords that I have sitting around.  I had started them before contracting GW IPV (Infantry Painting Virus.)

Overall, I’m continuing the “cold” look with the Greylords, as seen with my Butcher’s skin tones above.

Here’s the Koldun Lord WIP

And Ternion WIP

All the color is essentially blocked in. I’ll look to go back, smooth out some colors with layers and some shading. The Koldun Lord’s insignia of rank was a mystery to me until I got the Forces of Khador book and saw what the sculpt was supposed to be. Up until that point I was painting it like a Star of David. I'll be reclaiming some of that tabbard with some brown, Terracotta and then Blood Red. Then details and finally, basing.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

40K: Valhallan Company Command Squad Done

 Valhallan 554th Company Command Squad (minus rocket team)

Here’s Captain Gloval and his company command squad, finished up earlier today. They'll also be joined by the previously completed rocket launcher team to round out the squad to 4 vets.

Captain Gloval:

As described in an earlier post, here is Captain Madison, company liaison to Battlefleet Tiamat, in direct support of planet operations on Hammerfall V:

Company Standard:

You'll notice that the vox officer and standard bearer are the same model. The standard bearer uses the pitchfork pole and zombie hand from the Zombie sprue, Aquilla and antenna whip from vehicle accessory sprue. The pitchfolk pole goes straight into the base and is anchored with greenstuff under the base. His hand is pinned so it is very secure. These models are both ammo loaders for the Valhallan heavy bolters, which I'll have a few of in the army later. At some point next week I'll try to design up some paper banners for the banner bearer and squad pennant bearers.

Up next, melta vets and another squad.