Monday, July 25, 2016

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Gaarkhan

Just a tabletop quality Gaarkhan here to continue with the box game painting... Diala, Gideon and Mak are on the table as well as some of the Imps themselves. I converted the ATST so we will see how that looks in the end, which should be soon. I'm using all of this as a warm up for some Khador I am stuck on.

I was asked if re-basing the figs on clear bases takes a lot of time. Answer: Nope, not really. The only funky fig I ran into with that was getting the feet of the ATST off the base but more on that later. Stay tuned, I should have a few updates this week of the work I have been up too, including some WIP diary from the 6'x8' Libertyhammer airbase board I built last month.