Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Don't Call it a Comeback

Man I know he's younger here than when the titular single came out. 
And just like that, Photobucket, which earlier this year had destroyed Sarcophagi by removing their free photo hosting service that supported years of photo content on this blog, they changed their mind and re-hosted all my photos again. Yay! And whew!

So, with that, I have many months of models, projects and other things to post up here, to catch Sarcophagi up, so stay tuned for some projects I have been working on, including:

  1. Building and painting stuff for Strange Aeons
  2. Building a board and terrain for the Wizkid's Pirates game, which I only recently picked up for the first time, thanks to my brother-in-law who has about 100 packs in his house and he threw a couple my way and I got hooked. Jerk.
  3. Painting Imperial Assault expansion packs and the entire Hoth expansion too, which is a campaign currently underway.
  4. Robotech: Zentradi and some UEDF
  5. Relicblade: I am in love with this game, thanks to my buddy Jason at Headwound minis literally showing it to me via text, and I responded by picking up a starter right away. I am building terrain and painting fantasy again thanks to this excellent game... can't say enough good things about it now but there will be a lot of Relicblade here coming soon
  6. 40k/Killteam: Scatter Terrain along with an odd 40k model here and there, including Ork stuff. A lot of Ork stuff. Maybe too much Ork stuff.
Hope everyone is well!