Saturday, August 31, 2013

Khador Ulhans: I hate you. Plus: Gamillions of other things I'm trying to do at once...

 So I'm planning on running Ulhans and Markhov together at some point in the upcoming Fall campaign since I eventually want to have an all pike, all lance army under Vlad. you know, something for the kids. I brought the 5 unassembled Ulhans on vacation with me, to knock out some pinning/gluing and building.

Fail. What the hey-hey PP? The fulcrum for the model is the lower half of the IFP rider, supporting the upper IFP and telephone-pole pike on top AND the weight of the giant horse on the bottom when you pick it up and move it.  You make the IFP’s waist 2 pieces, split down the middle from front-to-back along the thinnest part of those pieces? You suck. You could have easily made this one piece. 

But you didn’t, so now I have to pin two separate pieces of lap to the horse. When? I dunno.

Still reading? In other news, this stuff is underway. My converted Vlad, a pinned Doomreaver unit attachment and Drago's murderously thin bicep reconstruction are all underway. I also fired up the Man O’ War assembly line with 2 units of Man O War Shocktroopers and one 3 man Demo Corp unit. I have the option of adding one Man O War to either the Shocktroopers or the Demo Corp. Prolly go Shocktrooper.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Warmachine: Khador Underway

I knew it was bound to happen. I graduate college, start in on a huge backlog of projects both game-related and no, start a rhythm of painting, prioritizing and sorting what the hell needs to be built. I kept wondering if I would let myself be drawn into some painting and playing that had nothing to do with the work I most lamented not doing because of life (eg. Strange Aeons).

So now I’m in a Warmachine campaign. I already planned a Fall of Strange Aeons but instead I’m dragging out all the Khador I neglected to paint in Mk i.

Campaign starts in October, and we have a meeting tomorrow night to run out our charter, ways and means, that sort of thing. Between us we have a ton of terrain so the pics on Sarcophagi should look pretty good around Halloween.

So, stay tuned as I dust off my old red paint mix batches… which are all dried out. And GW changed their color formulas… great.

The Wall of Shame or What I Could Paint for the Campaign Since I own it Unpainted:


  1. eSorcha
  2. Vlad
  3. eVlad
  4. eButcher
  5. Strakhov
  6. Old Witch

  1. Destroyer
  2. Devastator
  3. Spriggen
  4. Kodiak X2
  5. Drago (definitely painting him)
  6. Marauder (already converted it)


  1. IFP
  2. Doomreavers
  3. Greylords
  4. Man O War Shocktroopers
  5. Man O War Demolition Crew
  6. Widowmakers
  7. Great Bears
  8. Uhlans


  1. Koldun
  2. Kovnik
  3. Fenris

Where the frig to begin... more as I decide and progress.

In the meantime, pics of what I already have painted, Not much!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Legion of Everblight: Finished War pack

 Here is the completed Hordes war pack (plus 2) I did for my buddy Jon. I am pretty sure that the Shredders and maybe other models don't need an arc to speak of but I don't have a book or cards to be sure. Anyway, I marked all models with an arc, easy enough to paint over.

I also added adhesive-backed felt into the Privateer Press Legion dice tin. I've done this with the other original dice sets I own... the felt deadens some of the noise of rolling into the trays.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Strange Aeons: GW Ghouls

Annnddd... here were are. More ghouls than I could probably ever need for Strange Aeons. These are the Games Workshop ghouls and I have to say, I love them. Great poses, great variability and cool details. I painted them so they'd blend in with the masonry a bit and still retain that pallid, crypt-skulking pallor. They're just really hard to photograph though.

Still and all, they're done now, until I get inspired to do more with them. In game terms, I made one with a spear and another with a meat cleaver, two dangerous weapons for dastardly bastards from hell. The rest, though unarmed, are still formidable and their leader stands above them all, the trophy of a dead Threshold agent adorning his scoliosis.

In progress now is a church for Strange Aeons along with a 2 level cemetery. After that, the town's hospital, which is already taking on the look of a too-big project.