Monday, January 2, 2012

Battlefleet Gothic: Virtual Planetoids

Forge World or Death World

Next up, some planets for BFG. These were originally made by an old friend named James but they were really busted up by the time they got to me, so I repaired, remounted and repainted them. The Earth-like planet only had mild touch ups and embellishments but the Forge World and Penal World were complete repaints. The Forge World/Deathword was just a meteor but I painted lava onto it for some jazz hands. Each of these are mounted on standard bases.

Penal World

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Battlefleet Gothic: New Year, New Fleet

Happy New Year!

I finished this battlegroup over the Christmas holiday break and sealed them on New Year's Eve. At some point I know I want to add another paint feature to the ships, like painted running lights, but I met my goal of a Navy fleet before the year was out, so I'm happy to have them as-is for now.

The Phoenix, a Mars Class battlecruiser, amidst an Eldar raiding force.