Wednesday, April 17, 2013


"He's no use to me fed."
Hope everybody is well. I figured I’d offer an update. I am in the last 3 classes of my degree on top of a busy work schedule that has me on the road a lot over the next 3 months so don’t expect much until this homestretch is fully covered, somewhere about June. Gotta be dad over that time too, the most important thing.

I may stab paint at things here and there but I’m not what I would call productive. I’ll probably play Super Dungeon Explore and Star Wars X Wing a bit since I don’t have to produce anything for that.

On the bench for post-graduation work:
  1. Tombstones/graveyard for Strange Aeons
  2. Lurkers for Strange Aeons
  3. New Strange Aeons team
  4. Super Dungeon Explore figs
  5. Khador. Did I mention I play Khador? I play Khador. Need to get my wargroup finished so I can start playing that again (Grey Lords, Fenris and something else, forget what).

Over the Summer/Fall
  1. A crap-ton of Valhallan IG.
  2. My lit Imperial Bastion
  3. IG Armor & Vulture/Valkyries
  4. More BFG: Eldar and Necron
  5. Himalayan Threshold Team/Lurkers for Strange Aeons