Friday, October 30, 2015

Bushido: Token Box and Scratch Built Nesting Dual Dice Tray

I built a dual sided dice tray/transport tray and nesting token box for my Bushido stuff. Why? Not sure. Because it was fun? I also want to use "nesting" more. So, thanks.

I started with a bare wood jewelry box I bought at Michael's crafts here in the states, for US$7.00. I stained it and added foam from an old Chessex caddy, to hold my tokens, dice and marker.

The dice tray/caddy sits on top of the box very snugly thanks to the detail trim, all stained to match, so when my warband is embarked in the tray moving between theoretical tables the whole chumpie won't slide off. I used a finishing nailer, wood glue and small gold tacks so it matched the jewelry box clasps.

Note that rolls in Bushido are typically done simultaneously together. Attackers and Defenders allocate a pool of dice towards attacks and defense and roll it all together. This is a cool betting/bluffing element that I enjoy a lot and it helps me to have the rolls together to calculate the outcomes between players.