Sunday, July 31, 2011

BFG: 1K Point Eldar Fleet Done

Here is an Eldar fleet I finished up last night. It comes in around 850 points without compulsory Pirate Captain/rerolls and is a mix of what I think works well and what I actually own. With the Pirate Captain and 2 re-rolls, this list is an even 1k pts. From the top, clockwise: a Shadow class cruiser, a flight of Nightshade missile destroyers, an Eclipse carrier cruiser and a flight of Aconite frigates.

On the priming stand is another Eclipse and a Void Stalker to up-point the group to about 1500 points.

From there I have another Shadow cruiser, more escorts and another Void Stalker to run out at some point.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WTF WIP: Eldar Fleet

Stand to and prepare to be bored! Engage Eldar Poetry Slam!

I have no idea why I am painting Eldar ships. With so many other things more practical waiting to be done than space elves for a game nobody will play with me... well... it doesn't make sense.

But, I do like painting them and the gratification is pretty instant since BFG can paint up quickly and I can make starship noises in my basement for a reason, unlike the other times. Church is awkward in that way too.

So with the Shadow cruiser already done and the Eclipse plus escorts almost finished I guess I can hook up a brother with that mission when the Eldar come to the Imp's rescue vs. Chaos.

The 2011 Eldar Poetry Slam will feature appearances by Big Daddy Mensha Khaine, Adam Hicks, Sabrina Le Beauf and special guest host, Langston Hughes in a Spirit Stone

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Terminus Est WIP: Basecoated

The Terminus Est is basecoated and the purple foundation laid down for the putrid fleshy areas that come later. I think I may make the tubing running around the ship purple as well. Still have to decide what color to make the sails... maybe a blue with botches.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BFG: Imperial Fleet Paint scheme

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms said...

"Hey Matt! I saw your BFG ships on the Rocketship Games blog and had to see more! Could you tell me how you got that awesome gold effect on these ships?Your Nurgle fleet looks awesome and I bet that Terminus Est will make one badass flagship. Keep up the good work!

Hey Joe,
The Imp ships aren't really gold, more like a tannish-brown though what I did would be the prefect base for gold paint.
I used GW colors in this order, with a medium round brush for the drybrushing and detail brush for everything else.

1. Basecoat black.
2. Graveyard Earth drybrushed 2x. First coat heavy, the second, lighter.
3. A light drybrush of desert yellow on the high points of the ship and edges to warm up the area.
4. Rotting Flesh drybrush, again, along highpoints and edges.
5. Metals are Mithrial Silver with a wash of Ice Blue and flow improver.
6. The light blue is a Kraft Cote off-white that has a touch of blue in it. You could simply mix a dot of Ice Blue into White for the same effect.

I think after the  brown/tan foundation you could simply dry brush gold along the highpoints and it would look pretty damned good since most gold is undercoated in browns and tans. Let me know how it works out for you.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battlefleet Gothic WIP: Eldar

I inherited a box of BFG from my buddy Wil less than a year ago. In it were "some Eldar ships." Yeah, I did the math last night, there's almost 5000 points of Eldar fleet in the box, most of it still in blister.

So, in addition to the Chaos and Imperial fleet I have in process, I did a test Eldar Shadow cruiser to get the color scheme/paint list figured out. I'll probably get it to tabletop quality since that is the only hope I have of any of it being painted to completion as a fleet. That said, I like the scheme. It's easy, fast and reproducable since it is mostly drybrushing 3 distinct colors and no mixing colors at all. The highlights on the solar sails is thinned white painted along the edges and then the Scorpion Green basecoat glazed over it again.