Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WTF WIP: Eldar Fleet

Stand to and prepare to be bored! Engage Eldar Poetry Slam!

I have no idea why I am painting Eldar ships. With so many other things more practical waiting to be done than space elves for a game nobody will play with me... well... it doesn't make sense.

But, I do like painting them and the gratification is pretty instant since BFG can paint up quickly and I can make starship noises in my basement for a reason, unlike the other times. Church is awkward in that way too.

So with the Shadow cruiser already done and the Eclipse plus escorts almost finished I guess I can hook up a brother with that mission when the Eldar come to the Imp's rescue vs. Chaos.

The 2011 Eldar Poetry Slam will feature appearances by Big Daddy Mensha Khaine, Adam Hicks, Sabrina Le Beauf and special guest host, Langston Hughes in a Spirit Stone


CylonDave said...

Looking good! The Eldar ships always remind me of Minbari B5 ships so much with all those curves.

Yeti's Yell said...

Wow, good call CylonDave. I didn't notice the similarity before.

Joe Kopena said...

I think you just needed to find more things to paint pink and purple.

Also, Imperials don't need any help against those rascally Chaos traitors!