Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bushido: "The Messenger" Batrep Pics

"Prepare for flight, little Bushi..."
Not sure why I never posted these before but here they are, pics from one of our last games of Bushido. This was on my buddy Pete's fine village board and it was a straight box set fight to the death, set to the tone of The Messenger scenario from the Tournament Pack, his Silvermoon Syndicate vs my Clan Ito.

My blurry Ito
Pete's better-lit and beautiful Silvermoon Syndicate
Game start

Forces spread out and advance in

Chiyo starts sprinting to the Torii gate to intercept an incoming Syndicate thug, while the rest of the Ito try to deny flank.
Syndicate set their attack as the Sumo stomps towards the market where the Ito stand ready.

Sakura curses the Sumo with venom enough during the game that it probably had more to do with his death than katanas did.

The Temple Bushi attacks the Sumo who seems to only wince at the swordstrike and then proceeds to body slam the Bushi across the square into a fishmongers hut, as Itsunagi saunters forward rolling his shoulders...

... and then totally dissects the Sumo, but not without getting hurt himself. Itsunagi has so many abilities that it takes time to process what works best and so, requires use to get familiarity.
 Flankers which had gone out from both forces as secret and real messengers bluffing their way up the board got intercepted and absorbed into the middle meat of the fight.A Silvermoon crossbowman comes in and displaces the Ito as they swarm around a rallying but wounded Bushi, who had been thrown by the Sumo.
Ito intercept a suspected messenger making for the board edge while Itsunagi warily watches the other Syndicate walking towards him.

Throwing his rice bowl into the air, he eviscerated Itsunagi before the shirtless wonder could say "Blood or Orichi". Catching the bowl when the Ito champion collapsed to the cobblestones, he chuckled and walked towards the faltering Ito line.
In the end Pete's true messenger made a run for the endzone. Sakura tries to poison lithe woman as she breaks through...
... but was caught and slain by Akimoto, who had enough energy left to catch and kill her then promptly go into a forest-burning drum solo of the gods! Ito wins! Great game!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Warmachine: Koldun Lord

This guy has been sitting nearly finished for longer than I care to admit. I'm trying to get a 35pt painted Warmachine list finally finished so I knocked out various parts I never completed and based him. The Greylord Ternion are almost done too and I am hoping they'll be done tonight. I'll post up a group shot together when they are all done.