Wednesday, November 25, 2015

40K: Eversor Conversion

Here's an Eversor I painted last Saturday, for bringing to The Burning Stars league with my club, PAGE.

Not much to say really. Chopped the model in half, hunched him over more and resculpted the join. Garnished with pouches and grenades from various kits. Added a Warhammer Fantasy bit as the shoulder pad, I think, not sure the source. It married well with his chest rig/vox deal he has going on. The arms are from Catachan plastic kits and the open hand is a GW zombie hand. The Neuro Gauntlet is a paw from an old Necron Flayed one. I added a pommel/hilt for the sheathed sword too since the pack with the stowed gun I used here was for the Eversor model who has his sword in hand and had the stowed sword missing.

Painted it up for the Bio Meltdown and here is is, The Ghoul of Hammerfall, exploding in a league game near you (hopefully not while in my own lines.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bushido: Batrep and Pics from the Seigyo Scenario

Here are pics from our latest Bushido game, the scenario called Seigyo, page 12 of the Bushido Tournament pack.

We ran 35 rice each, Pete bringing his awesome Silvermoon and I, Ito. Note that I ran 2 Temple Bushi and used my Chiyo model as one of them (though having Chiyo's Leap would have been great.)

This mission had 3 neutral idols mid field and required simple actions to worship them and take control of them. Enemy-aligned idols could be worshiped to be neutralized, then worshiped again to take control. Players with most friendly idols got 1VP at the ends of turns 2, 4 and 6. The game ends on turn 6. We were tied for VP's until turn 6.

Scenario set up
Ito Left and Silvermoon, Right
Both factions close rapidly to secure Idols before the end of turn two. It seemed like many of Pete's Silvermoon Roses were incredibly hard to target and engage as they had an ability to blend in as civilians and not be noticed. Silvermoon kept trying to seduce my Ito but by pure luck I resisted their charms most of the game.
Temple Bushi runs to the bamboo trees and eyes the lone Silvermoon Rose praying at the idol, which slowly turns towards their favor.
Itsunagi stands atop the koi pond as Senpu charges in. Itsunagi channels his Ki and uses Cobra Strike for Lightning Reflexes to kill Senpu first, tiring him from the combat but leaving him fairly unopposed.
View from the Ito line
Akimoto crosses the midfield to tempt an attack from the hiding Silvermoon as a Temple Bushi and Sakura control the middle idol. Itsunagi dispatches the petulant child Sukoshi Kani who threw down a makibishi in front of the idol, while the Temple Bushi moves to engage one of the Roses. Again the Rose Tsubaki tries Seduction but it did not work.
The Temple Bushi interrogates the Rose to no avail. Itsunagi isn't buying it but defends the idol as the sun sets in the sky...
Now the bodies are hitting the ground as the game leans into the last turn, still tied on VP's. A Temple Bushi is killed at the middle Idol and Sakura becomes Stupid. The solo Rose moves towards the middle Ito idol to make an end-game run at it. The lone Bushi tries to block the Rose near Itsunagi.
Silvermoon threaten the middle Idol Sakura and Akimoto defend. Saukra is killed by a Rose who is in turn beheaded on a combo attack by a wrathful Itsunagi, who shores up the middle Idol and controls his breathing as Tsubaki attempts Seduction to no avail.
The final Rose closes in to neutralize the tie breaking Ito idol as Akimoto furiously plays his mystical drum in an attempt to scare her away. A tired Itsunagi rolls his shoulders and scowls at her.
The Temple Bushi lends a hand to wipe out The Rose only after Itsunagi bloodied her. Ito is left standing as a sole survivor but the game is a draw on VP's thanks to the last Rose neutralizing the middle idol in the face of the exhausted Ito!

The take aways with this game are simple and complex. The fixed turns and cost of actions to control the idols means there is a fair amount of nuanced movement, positioning, blocking, foils and activation as much as there is controlled but very violent and conclusive fighting. 

In Bushido it is all about staying rested and making the enemy tire out before you do. Even as games become lopsided from casualties it is not over, as more desperate but more powerful abilities come off the leash as moderation becomes a detriment. Just when you think you have a clear line to charge and slash an opponent good, somebody knicks you from the side, you become tired or exhausted and the window closes. It lends itself to the "whoosh" of a martial arts brawl, not to mention the "betting" mechanic of rolling all attacks and defenses of both players simultaneously. 

Pete is a hell of a player and sportsman. He is teaching me a lot every game so the credit really goes to him for a clean, enjoyable and teachable experience. Bushido really is an exciting and different game. Try it out if you can. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015


May all of your darkness be the blessings of sleeping gods who dream of your fortune. Unless you are in the Threshold. In which case, you get zombies for Halloween. All of them.