Monday, December 3, 2018

Relicblade: Shark Warrior

Here's a shark warrior from Metal King Studio. Love the hell out of this jerk, not because of the paint job, but just like his stat line and behavior in the game, he was a handful to manage during fabrication. Here I had primed right over the poster tack I had in the shoulder sockets to dry fit the arms, and later, after he was all painted, his arms sorta melted off, when the crazy glue failed over top of the poster tack beneath. Shark jerk! Check out the Relicblade game! We have been playing this exclusively and loving it to death.

There is an awesome Kickstarter currently going for the next content and minis for this amazing game... be sure to check it out. If you are getting the new stuff to add to your Advocate and Adversary warbands or even starting out in Relicblade from go, this is a great way to pick up the rules and figs you need. You will thank me for it later! And yes, I am a backer getting their own card for the game so you better be ready for a Yeti character in Relicblade!!!

Relicblade Kickstarter: The Moldorf Expedition

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Relicblade: Bone and Darkness

Hey peeps, I  finished my starter warband of Bone and Darkness for the amazing Relicblade game. My buddy Jason at Headwound mentioned this game to me on a lark a bit ago, and before I knew it, I had a starter in the mail, sent by the formidable but kind king Sean Sutter of Metal King Studio.

If you don't know already, Sean is the author, sculptor, illustrator, admin, marketer, hype man, fishmonger... you name it and he does it all for Relicblade. This labor of love is a super fun, agile minis skirmish game that has a ton of heart and flavor for such a carbine of a ruleset. Post-game progression is managed by a fun "camp" mechanic that allows you to replace, re-arm and train your warband, as you limp back from each adventure and mourn your dead. Or undead. Or pigs. Or lizards. Or quintillion wandering monsters. Cough.

I will post an in depth review of the game and some batreps (yay!) in the near future but for now, here are some pics. Note that I converted the Dark Wanderer with bow a bit and the Bone Construct was reposed to look like it was scuttling. The rest of the models are stock.

A Bone Construct:

Bone Stalkers:

The Dark Wanderer:

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Don't Call it a Comeback

Man I know he's younger here than when the titular single came out. 
And just like that, Photobucket, which earlier this year had destroyed Sarcophagi by removing their free photo hosting service that supported years of photo content on this blog, they changed their mind and re-hosted all my photos again. Yay! And whew!

So, with that, I have many months of models, projects and other things to post up here, to catch Sarcophagi up, so stay tuned for some projects I have been working on, including:

  1. Building and painting stuff for Strange Aeons
  2. Building a board and terrain for the Wizkid's Pirates game, which I only recently picked up for the first time, thanks to my brother-in-law who has about 100 packs in his house and he threw a couple my way and I got hooked. Jerk.
  3. Painting Imperial Assault expansion packs and the entire Hoth expansion too, which is a campaign currently underway.
  4. Robotech: Zentradi and some UEDF
  5. Relicblade: I am in love with this game, thanks to my buddy Jason at Headwound minis literally showing it to me via text, and I responded by picking up a starter right away. I am building terrain and painting fantasy again thanks to this excellent game... can't say enough good things about it now but there will be a lot of Relicblade here coming soon
  6. 40k/Killteam: Scatter Terrain along with an odd 40k model here and there, including Ork stuff. A lot of Ork stuff. Maybe too much Ork stuff.
Hope everyone is well!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Warhammer 40k: Chapter Approved Planetstrike or The Rise of Hammerfall/ Mission 1

Jason from Headwound minis came by with his Nurgle forces and we played the first in the series of Planetstrike missions from Chapter Approved. We talked for a bit beforehand on how to organize games into a narrative campaign of sorts, linking them into a story that should drive both our play and building/painting while at the same time seeing us willing to improvise a few things here and there for the sake of fun play and good stories.

We kicked things off with Jason getting a points credit in the fortification spending I did, on top of my 1500 points of Valhallan garrison. In the end, I took a Firestorm Redoubt, Imperial Bunker and some freshly painted Defense Line (old Forge World pieces.) I also took a mixed list of Valhallan trooper squads with Heavy Weapons/Assault Weapons, Company and Platoon Commanders, Special Weapon Squad with Flamers, Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance, Techpriest, Command squad with rocket launcher and Company Standard, Hardened Vets with Meltas and Heavy Flamer in a Valkyrie, Wyvern, a Hellhound with  Inferno Cannon and 2 Lemans, both Vanquisher and stock.
Somewhere in the driving snows was the Eversor known to local officials as the Ghoul of Hammerfall.

Jason brought a dripping mixed bag of Typhus + zombies, Poxwalkers, Drone, Plague marines, Maulerfiend, Daemon Princes, Nurglings, Cultists, Plague Drones, Blight Hauler and a Nurgle Sorcerer who waited all game to show, but given the game was conceded on Turn 3, it mattered very little. We didn't take elaborate notes or take tons of pics so I'll summarize via words and images.

The opening Chaos bombardment thinned the Valhallans unlucky enough to be caught outside in the open. Vehicles on the move had their suspension rocked, crew shaken, and some minor damage as well.

The fortifications stood fast and once the bombing stopped and the icy winds cleared away the smoke, a hazy image of Typhus emerged from a seething black cloud of flies, which churned around the ancient Nurgle lord. He was close enough to the leading Vanquisher such that the accompanying plague zombies washed over the hull before the driver could skid to a halt and reverse, as the panicking gunners wracked and traversed their weapons towards the surprise threat.

Plague Marines and the Blight Hauler emerged from the ruins near the farthest defenses, and lurched at the passing tank convoy. Fire washed between the forces and the Valhallans sent everything they could from the snow-clad bunker walls, out into the shimmering gale, as Nurgle forces teleported into the fray. Sweeping lines of Icarus lascannon fire swept against the emerging Nurgle forces to little avail, even as Nurglings swarmed in through the Imperial back lines to claim objectives.

Above, the hovering Valkyrie  struggled to keep station in the sheer, as it loosed lascannon and braces of frag rockets into the roiling Poxwalkers, who were suddenly in among the terrified guardsmen, who each wheeled around to receive the charge and abandoned their covering fire into no-mans land.

A violent series of airburst explosions strolled across the battlefield as the Wyvern crew mechanically fired with trained speed at a truly insane field of battle, while men fought for their souls, even as sickness started to overtake them, their weapons defiantly blunted the Nurgle advance.

The Leman convoy slewed about and broke their line of advance as they tried to shake loose the undead and blashemous which clung to hulls and reached in through viewports with sloughing, dead limbs. The Techpriest, incensed at the damage done to the Vanquisher, rushed out of the redoubt, and initiated combat repair protocols on the large battle tank. The Hellhound set the bulheads afire as Poxwalkers, zombies and newly-risen Valhallans twitched and writhed in prometheum. A mix of Orders and Strategems wielded by Captain Gloval of the Valhallan 554th created furious resistance until the calamity.

While Typhus flanked the wounded Vanquisher and slew the Techpriest in single combat, the Maulerfiend and a Daemon Prince thundered through the warzone, straight against the front ports of the redoubt, even as the quad lascannons speared them with thunderous blasts that vaporized the snow fields before them. With surprising speed, the Warp things dug and melted their way to the inner chamber of the fortification and triggered the plasma-furnaces atop the power grid. With a catastrophic chain-detonation, the redoubt exploded and unleashed scything shrapnel and concussive waves, which crushed everything in a wide area of effect (11" radius damn it!!!) Many Valhallans on the ramparts died instantly and not one Valhallan was left unwounded in the blast zone. The Imperial back had been broken.

As Typhus himself gained the Imperial deckwork, and his ranks of zombies swelled by the minute. The Valkyrie spent all ordnance onto the conflagration that was the base, helpless to stop the violent end to the ragged remains of the ordered Valhallans. The burned hulks of the Maulerfiend and Daemon Price clambered from the electric fires and burning craters as the Imperial Bunker nearby collapsed, the occupants just escaping in time to be dissolved by a looming Daemon Price astride the trenchwork, tall in the soot and snow.

Spent, the ice squall which had covered the battle with freezing sleet seemed to ebb away and be replaced with a miasma of steaming offal pools, fire, and charred Imperial equipment. Those men lucky enough to escape into the forest past the clearing soon fell where they hid, and even as they quickly stiffened in the sub-zero temps, their lungs wheezed and popped with thickening warm ichor as fever burned out their skulls, and the Warp reached for them... one by one.

Stay tuned for more Chaos invasion with Chap App Planetstrike!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bushido Best of the Web #2 and Other Game Updates

I got another Bushido Best of the Web for my recent Bushido board, checkout the link. You can see I did the usual elevated legs feature so there is room for cards, books, figs under the board and it generally makes it nicer to sit and look at, even with LOS checking. I had to spend a lot of time with the trim cut outs around the water features and I definitely learned a few ways to do this better next time, when it comes to trim and finishing.

I hang out on the Bushido the Game group on Facebook, if you are looking for an active, fun scene for all things Bushido. Join us!

I talked with Odin at GCT about the board, which was really, really cool (thanks Odin!) and I used the voucher I got from him to order some 4Ground hovels for the board, which should be sweet and in shortly. I have been wanting to build a board with "teddy bear fur" for some time, so I can start by playing with the fur roofs 4Ground supplies, meant to look like hay or thatch.

Let's see, what else have I been up to?

I made a pig sty for Bushido. Why? Why isn't everyone, really? It is a simple piece that adds difficult terrain, breaks LOS and adds theme. Don't know why but the second I got into Bushido I said I am building a sty. My buddy John said I need to make a drunk villager in there with the pigs. I think I will.

40K: Been played 8th and really loving it, but like a lot of things, not playing it enough. Trying to cast up some custom Chimera turrets and build out two non-heavy weapon squads for some lower point/high-agility objective takers. Oh! Both are armed with Plasma Rifles, having been sent to me as a gift by my buddy Major Downer over at the Imperial Guard Message Boards. If you play Guard in 40k, go check out that community. Thanks for the figs, Major!!!

40K Defense Line: I bought the Imperial Redoubt to go with this old set of Forge World defense line I have had forever. Not really into finishing this all at once but I am chipping away at it. So much Nuln Oil...

Valhallan artillery tractor: This is a Dust model lightly modded to be a light errand lorry. Again, this is a theme piece and looks good with the Valhallans, especially equipped with a handy snow plow for managing the airfields of Hammerfall V.

Scatter stowage/containers: My buddy Joe at Rocketship games offers 3D printed terrain and this set is particularly awesome for 40k, so I did up a set. Joe has a Kickstarter running called Kolony, you should check out. It features great printable terrain suitable for 40K and Infinity. I backed it, so should you!

Valhallan Barracks: I added in some DUST quansets as barracks to boot, easy adds and really dress the board well. Note that I used super glue to add acetate windows, simply letting the fumes of the glue "frost" the windows. I love efficiency. You could also spray the acetate with Dullcote but this was faster and more fun just to see the random frost patterns set up. 

I also snagged a Banebalde kit for US$75 which I should probably build soon. The club usually has an Apocalypse game in January. I guess I should order a second set of sponsons? Gotta get the new Codex to see what load outs there are.

Strange Aeons: Picked up some classic Ral Partha Vampires! I remember lusting after these at the Willow Grove Mall in Pennsylvania in the 90's. glad I finally got my hands on them for Strange Aeons games, not that anybody has a Threshold team strong enough to cope with the Nightstalkers.

Stuffed Fables: I am dying to get this game and paint up that stuff. So, hopefully soon. PDF of rules are free online already! Check it out at Plaid Hat Studios

Imperial Assault: With Legion looming in the distance it is easy to forget I have a lot of IA to paint and play with. At a family function I got into a conversation about Legion killing IA; I don't think it is going to happen, if anything, Legion may drawn in players that don't end up caring much for the scope and hobby demands of Legion games and maybe they go IA, and enjoying that much more. We'll see. I will likely want to start the IA queue for this after I see Last Jedi (got my tix already!)

Robotech: I haven't done much here but pulled out the last of the Regults I need to do to get the base missions going. Looking forward to playing this and painting up some Zentradi female power armor too. I have had this game too damn long to not have played it. Sigh.

As always, follow me on Instagram for more frequent posts on Yeti doings: sarcophagi_yetisyell

Hope ya'll are productive and having fun!



Saturday, July 29, 2017

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I filled up my modem with interweb fluids to the top and I am moving onto Instagram:


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