Friday, August 9, 2013

Strange Aeons: GW Ghouls

Annnddd... here were are. More ghouls than I could probably ever need for Strange Aeons. These are the Games Workshop ghouls and I have to say, I love them. Great poses, great variability and cool details. I painted them so they'd blend in with the masonry a bit and still retain that pallid, crypt-skulking pallor. They're just really hard to photograph though.

Still and all, they're done now, until I get inspired to do more with them. In game terms, I made one with a spear and another with a meat cleaver, two dangerous weapons for dastardly bastards from hell. The rest, though unarmed, are still formidable and their leader stands above them all, the trophy of a dead Threshold agent adorning his scoliosis.

In progress now is a church for Strange Aeons along with a 2 level cemetery. After that, the town's hospital, which is already taking on the look of a too-big project.


Mathyoo said...

Great job on those! i like them too, but went with heresy miniatures for mine :)

Yeti's Yell said...


Thanks! Yup, love the heresy ones too.



styx said...

I just use the ones from my Vampire Counts for the moment....nice work on yours!