Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Next: Fresh Troops/Chimeras or Vendetta?

Based on what I see of my army group shot so far, I think I should update a few other pieces of armor so they are done and get back to painting infantry again.

But then I think about the Vendetta kit I own and haven’t built yet. It seems a must-have piece of gear, especially for groundpounders like the Valhallans.

What do you guys think I should do next? Chimeras and more troops or a Vendetta?


giles said...

Vendetta all the way - for those all important airlifts (replacing those casulaties!) and air drops of thermal vests for your bunkered down chaps.

They are great fun to use and are a new dimension for a guard player's game.

CommissarHarris said...

Vendetta is the way to go. Its a satisfying model to build and they kick a$$ on the table top

CylonDave said...

Troops! I know it can get boring but once you get them all done you can move on to the more fun units and conversions. Many guard projects start off well, but once someone gets bogged down in painting troops they come to a stop often. Getting youself to a good troop level will give you flexability to move on to other things in your army.

Nikolaus said...

Troops, you need them. Finish the Vendetta as a treat.

JD said...

Don't burn out on the infantry, do the Vendetta!! I started a guard army by doing a command group and 100 infantry....thats where is stopped.