Saturday, January 1, 2011

40K: Valhallan Company Command Squad Done

 Valhallan 554th Company Command Squad (minus rocket team)

Here’s Captain Gloval and his company command squad, finished up earlier today. They'll also be joined by the previously completed rocket launcher team to round out the squad to 4 vets.

Captain Gloval:

As described in an earlier post, here is Captain Madison, company liaison to Battlefleet Tiamat, in direct support of planet operations on Hammerfall V:

Company Standard:

You'll notice that the vox officer and standard bearer are the same model. The standard bearer uses the pitchfork pole and zombie hand from the Zombie sprue, Aquilla and antenna whip from vehicle accessory sprue. The pitchfolk pole goes straight into the base and is anchored with greenstuff under the base. His hand is pinned so it is very secure. These models are both ammo loaders for the Valhallan heavy bolters, which I'll have a few of in the army later. At some point next week I'll try to design up some paper banners for the banner bearer and squad pennant bearers.

Up next, melta vets and another squad.


CylonDave said...

I like the banner bearer, it reminds me of the old RT one from the Imperial Army line which was very Roman looking of the just the banner with the imperial eagle with it.

Joe Kopena said...

I like the standard bearer a lot, more than you would think given that it's a relatively straightforward model as compared to glitzy captains, etc. I'm actually not sold that it needs a paper banner to go with it. I like the stark, cold look of the pole as it is. Like Dave said, very Roman, and to me it just feels more like "We're here, we've been here a while, we're cold, we're dying, all that's left is this steel core, and you will never repel this banner."

Captain Madison also came out really well. He fits in well with the army, but is a clearly distinguishable figure. I think you struck a nice balance between him clearly not being a Valhallan, hence the different clothes, but them all being so grungy and cold that everybody's starting to look the same.

All of the staged photos, BTW, in this & the Oath thread are really excellent. I'm not totally sure how you made the stormy background in these, but it's excellent. It's a strong testament to the painting & modeling on the figures that even when you can't see much terrain---maybe particularly when you can't---you get a really strong feeling of looking at a closeup portrait in the middle of a long march in the heart of a deep winter storm.

Awesome stuff, totally looking forward to a game.

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks fellas. I admit that the standard bearer had little thought put into it but in the end I really liked him too, surprisingly.

Joe, I actually shot these guys on a piece of my terrain propped up in my roof’s skylight on a dreary, cold afternoon, post- Christmas.

I thought the natural dour light and the sketch-like background of trees and fog tied it all together really well. Most times I shoot under an Ott lite or color-correct after shooting under fluorescents but this light quality meant for them and came out perfect.