Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bushido: Finished Koi Pond

Because why the hell not. The first part of this is here.

The only fail here were the lily pads made out of paper napkin, dyed in green paint. The resin over-penetrated the lily pads, turning them translucent which actually looks kind of cool though impractical for people associating them with what they are. Also, I got greedy and decided to not pour in two layers to add "height" to the swimming fish and elected for one whole pour. After the pour I added moss into the stone work and also covered any resin that crept during curing. Did you know Envirotex creeps through gaps and even up planes as it cures? Now you know.

So, I koied the koi out of this koiing koi. Koi yeah.

Pics from the build plus notes:

Painting this here damn thug pond
Adding foliage
Silicone caulk to anchor the plants. It will dry clear and be invisible down in the resin.
Drying caulk.
Clear as a... clear thing
These are terrible fishes
At first the turtle was on the rock but I figured that that would cut down on the space models could stand upon.. So, turtle went into the water.
Don't be koi.
Make a turtle noise now, outloud.
Mixing the moss for application
You can see the resin that crept up out of the pond into the cracks of the rocks.
Adding the moss
Down to flock


Joe Kopena said...

This looks incredible, super good work.

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks man!

Joe Biden said...

Wow Excellent work!

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks Joe!

Nicole Martin said...
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Anonymous said...

Would love to see these images again! Maybe you can repost since photo bucket closed off sharing?