Friday, January 16, 2015

WIP: Bushido Koi Pond

Just a fast update on a Koi pond I am making for Bushido (& Strange Aeons I guess). This started as a CD, which I loved thrashing up with steel wool to give adhesion a better surface. The hole had a piece of painters tape over it then texture on top. I textured it inside and out then painted it all. The blocks are Hirst Arts castings from molds I own. The reeds were cut and trimmed and attached with clear caulk which has dried in the pic above. That is a better way to anchor these things for the resin pours. It won't show up visually or react to the resin, kills some areas where bubbles may form in the undercuts and stays flexible even as the resin heats up and then contracts. The reeds were from some aquarium plants I picked up.

I sculpted fish and a turtle out of green stuff. I cut out lily pads from paper napkins, using the embosed details to give them some texture. I then soaked them in green paint/water wash and set to dry on cardboard. The plan is to do one initial deeper tinted pour with some fish in that layer, then a clearer pour at the top with one or two more fish at that layer. Lilly pads go on top and the turtle will ride a rock, chilling.

I'll post up more as I go.

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