Monday, May 30, 2011

WIP: 2nd Leman Russ, scratch built Master of Ordnance and converted Ministorum Priest

Happy Memorial Day Holiday to those celebrating. Just a fast update on the efforts over this long weekend.

The 2nd Leman Russ is an update/partial repaint with a brand new battle cannon turret added on. I am working on a Pask model for the cupola too. Stowage and searchlight will be primed tomorrow for this tank.

I built a Master of Ordnance out of an original plastic stormtrooper, Pig Iron gasmask/combat helmet head, conning tower from a BFG Chaos cruiser mated to a vox pack from the Cadian set, throttle control display hand from the sentinel pilot to act as a sort of auspex/ranging display and foregrip from metal autopistol as the top of his trigger device in his right hand. All-in-all a fast build and I think he conveys the look a preoccupied officer calling in a danger close fire mission would have. At very least, he was free to build if nothing else.

The Ministorum Priest is the original metal model with plasma rifle and arm cut off, filed and then a plastic tank commander arm glued on, with plastic pistol added. Catachan combat knife and canteen hide the chopped up waistline. I think I'm calling him Mad Eye Moody.


JD said...

Good stuff!! Can't wait to see the painted Mad Eye!

CylonDave said...

I really like the Leman Russ and Mad Eye is a great conversion! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the MoO. Great work!

Joe Kopena said...

Priest looks awesome. Is he a useful in-game unit, or likely to be more of an objective?

Also, I'm super scared by his reliquary having such serious power couplings...

Yeti's Yell said...

@everybody: Thanks!

@ Joe: Yeah, he confers Rightous Fury to the unit he is with... rerolls To Hit on the turn he/they assault. I figure in larger games at/above 1500pts, in a guard blob of 2 squads, his 30 points might be worth it. I'm keeping him and the other priest I'm building bare-bones, just adding them to squads w/o wargear upgrades.