Thursday, May 19, 2011

Diagnosis: I have Turrets Syndrome

Custom Punisher Turret WIP

With First Platoon done, mega-travel on the wind (for work and personal reasons) and with most of my mixed batches of red paints dried out, I am loathe to do anything I threatened to do over the last few weeks, be that Warmachine painting or Valhallan vehicles.

I just returned from taking the family to Disney for 5 days. At night I had a heart-to-heart with my painted forces, codex and Excel formulas.

Out of that coming together I realized that 3 Leman Russ are good for pretty much what ails my possible Playing of Games™ with Heavy Support at all points levels but that is also a hole in my painted lists becuase I don't have all the turrets I want built or painted.

So, work and school being what they are I’m going to labor on three turrets the next week or so while I recharge my infantry painting battery for both 40k and Warmachine. I have one vanilla BC turret with stubber, and another with open hatch and pop-in Pask plus heavy stubber. For Demolishers I plan on two Forge World Demolisher turrets, the only ones I like.

By now you have noticed that the third turret is indeed a Punisher. Yea, I know. Get your derision out now and let it rain on me, I already put down a tarp. Done? Good. I don’t think the Punisher is a weapon for every game, or many games for that matter. What it is though is an awesome modeling opportunity and a chance to use some bits from my box (no idea where these came from) and maybe kill some Ork, Gaunts or traitor IG during a game at some point.

So yeah, turrets.

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CylonDave said...

Great looking Punisher conversion. Those look like Tau cannons. Looking forward to seeing your results! :)