Friday, May 6, 2011

Eversor WIP: Amputation

Ok, his scything arm was too long so I trimmed it down. It's more proportionate.



Got some more Valhallans to prime this weekend and more work to get done on the Valkyrie before some Coreheim on Sunday!


Jason said...

Holy hell! That's Totally Sweet(tm).

I liked the long arm, but this is good, too.

AoM said...

The arm looks better, but now it really looks like one of the arms is mounted too high or too low. It looks like you have the shoulder pad in line with the top of the armor. If that's the intention, it makes the torso shorter, and puts the right arm too high on the body. If the right arm is supposed to be the reference point for the left, then the left arm is too low. The shoulder pad would need to come up past the armor.

This is a really cool model, so I'm just trying to give honest feedback to see it be the best it can.

JD said...

Looks good! I think I prefer this trimmed down version.

Yeti's Yell said...

@AOM: thanks for that feedback. I see what you are saying about the shoulderpad being flush with the top of the shoulder. The weird thing about that, something not evident in the picture angle, is that the assassin has a device riding atop his shoulder, the top of which the shouldpad meets up with. Head-on, you can see this but it does exaggerate where the "ball" of the shoulder should be.