Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP: Master of Ordnance

Just a fast update in the MoO. I put base coats down and then some layers here and there to spice up some flat surfaces. I suspected that a brown gas mask with red lenses probably looks better than my Hardened vets with their grey gasmask/green lenses so I tried the different scheme on the MoO and liked it better. I'll repaint the Vet masks soon in the same way.

I just have to add some details here and there, clean up a few things, finish his base with snow after Dull Cote and he should be nailing my own front line with a S9 AP3 barrage in no time!

1 comment:

CylonDave said...

Looking good! That MoO looks like he is ready to call in some Lighting and Thunder.