Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reaper BONES: WIP Lit Flame Markers

As mentioned before in the lit Reaper ghost tutorial, the Reaper BONES line features translucent models, including ghosts and fire elements (both fires and fire elementals).

Here is the WIP for lit fire markers and some production notes. See the lit Reaper ghost tutorial in the link above for steps on prepping the halves of the tealight. After the prep steps have been done, move to the following.

Unlike the lit ghosts, the base for fire will be visible. Just like the ghosts, I removed the tealight dome on the upper housing to allow for the bulb to fit into the miniature. I cut/drilled a hole in the bottom of the fire, just like the ghost. Note I used the large fire piece, instead of the smaller model and an orange tealight instead of a green one.

Then I covered the halves in Apoxy Sculpt and after a few hours of setting, I sculpted in lines for stones and I also rolled the halves over cement to give it texture. Once cured, simply paint and reassemble. Bam! Easy peasy. I suggest that you play around with detailing the top of the tealight, the fire area, with elements like stones and even wood, to add to the illusion.

I'll be using these as flourish on Strange Aeons boards and maybe as objectives for Bushido.

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