Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strange Aeons: Ghouls WIP

Work+School+Family > Miniatures. But I have managed to build some GW ghouls for Strange Aeons, courtesy of JWoolf at Headwound Miniatures.

Still need to clean mold lines, sand filler/greenstuff, etc. I'm heading out on vacation next week, perhaps I can get something done then.

Command plus spear plus meat cleaver plus infected claws/jaws

4 "normal" ghouls
Ghoul with meat cleaver conversion
Ghoul with spear
Ghoul with spear
Ghoul King


styx said...

A very cheap and quick way to get some good looking ghouls! Can't wait to see paint on them!

Yeti's Yell said...

Styx: Yeah man! That's more ghouls than I'll probably ever need in a game of Strange Aeons and they scale well with the Copplestones.