Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strange Aeons: Ritual Site

With the risen moon, the Cosmic Well churned with power as the statue of the great one peers into the lapping abyss... and agent Connery realizes he's screwed.

The Ritual can now commence. I finished a rehab/repaint of an old GW vac formed foam terrain piece. You can read about the earlier start here.

Here is a pic of original, courtesy of the interwebs:

And here is the final product, a complete repaint with detailing and finishing with flocks, Silflor ivy and scratch built bushes :

You can see I carved out the skull on the dias. I needed to make room for the Cthulhu statue to fit inside. I figured the leftover mess was a good swirling maelstrom so I painted it as such with tones of purple and fashioned it a well of infinity something something. I added jems inside of the glyphs already carved into the well to set it off, similar to what I used on the big statue here and the objective markers I made earlier. As mentioned, the Cthulhu statue can fit inside, the ID of the well is a match for the OD of a GW circle base.

The statue on the perch...

... or statue on the well. We can use it as a turn counter, rotating the statue to each of 12 glyph gems  to track the game turns.

I also painted what was left of the interior plaster to show old signs of dark worship.
Agent Connery has a bad feeling about this... good thing he's Heroic, since he's going to need it

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