Monday, July 23, 2012

Strange Aeons: 2nd Scene of Horror

Here's the second Scene of Horror. Not so ambitious this time, just a reboot on an old terrain piece I had built before with some new paint, details and mounting/basing/flocking. The stone slabs are just etched foamcore with some drybrushing. I used about 5 layers of drybrushing starting from black up to a sage green. I used some washes made from hunter green acrylic and flow enhancer too. The reeds/bushes are homemade using hobby floss and greenstuff along with some dabs of camoflauge spray paint. The pillars are old GW bits, as are the skulls. The Cthulhu's are from the FFG Bag o' Cthulhu.

The blood is a mix of Burnt Umber acrylic and Tamiya Clear Red. It gives a good wet sheen, you can control how opaque it is with other colors and cleans up with water. That said, it tends to give over-the-top results but since that is what I was going for here, it's cool.

The idols I made before can fit into the sacrificial well as can other figs with standard 2" bases.

All-in-all a grizzly but effective Scene of Horror for Strange Aeons.


styx said...

Love it! I want to make some scenes of horror now!

Yeti's Yell said...

Don't wait man! Do it!!! Yours would be great!