Friday, July 20, 2012

Strange Aeons: My Threshold Team

L to R: Prof. Forsythe, Agent Connery, Agent "Scarface" Petri

Pictured is my completed starting 15BP Threshold team. First, there is Professor Forsythe III, a civilian armed with .22 revolver. Next is my Character, Agent Connery. He has a bowie knife, twin .45's and two skills: Lucky and Two Fisted (Ranged). Finally we have Agent Giuseppe "Scarface" Petri, armed with .45, bowie knife and Tommy Gun. Agent Petri also has the Lucky skill.

They did well their first game, gaining a Map Piece and free Skill while taking no wounds. You can read their fight with the Church of Dagon here.

Of note: Agent Petri was a pretty badly cast fig. There was so much molten flash on the left side of his face and shoulders that I gave up trying to file and shape his face and just painted it as a mass of scar tissue. I think it worked out ok. I'll get a pic of that up soon, maybe.


styx said...

Great stuff! I have to get some additional female agents for my team.

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks Styx. That's up next for me too...