Monday, April 11, 2011

Zombie Jazz Hands Reloaded or Return to Mordheim

In 1996 I learned I’d be attending Games Day with my friends Wil and James (both of who ended up with Golden Daemons that weekend.) I was so inspired that I threw together a Mordheim Vampire warband and custom base over 1 week, just to join in the fun of entering.

I can haz first cut?
 It didn’t win, partially because it was a slap-dashed unfinished product and primarily because others did amazing jobs with their work. Happily, one judge loved it and took time after the event to sit with me and tell me what to do next time to score better, if I ever wanted to compete again. That was the first and last time I entered anything in formal competition though I did place first in a few internet-based competitions; good constructive feedback, those.

Flash ahead to a few weeks ago when my buddy Jason starts up a Coreheim league at my local club, PAGE. I pull out the old warband and decide that while I’d love to do a new warband for the league (Cthulhu!) this ancient group is still owed some blood and hey, it’s already painted so I can just add some ghouls and henchmen at leisure.

So I repainted the scenic base and gave it jazz hands with new flock mixes, washes and some lichen shrubbery in a nice path, that isn’t too expensive.

I have Dull Coted the miniatures and will rebase/touch up a few things here and there but basically will be leaving the figs alone.

The Vampire is part Dark Eldar Haemonculus (upper) genestealer (hands) and Chaos Cultist (lower) with various bitz and a lot of greenstuff



Ghoulkin armed with a club, shield and net

The Necromancer is converted from a Chaos Cultist lower, bitz, green stiff and fantasy bit upper

Good Ol' Hatchetback

Ghoul, soon to be replaced by plastics


susan said...

Once again, fantastic work! I am working on a Zombie Horde now. Took me awhile to get the skin tone right but now seeing yours I may have to change it up.

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks! What colors are you using?

Jason said...

!00% totally sweet. Looking forward to trying the might of the greenskins against this shambling horde.

Yeti's Yell said...

I look forward to possibly modelling some zombie goblins for my warband, which I will call Zomblins.