Monday, April 18, 2011

40k: 3 Guys Short of full Platoon

It has been a busy start of the school term and slow again on the model front. Work/school/life balance is a bit better though and I’m steadily working on things here and there, which is cool.

Last night I pulled out the Valhallan IG to verify that what I’m working on right now is smart, given my goals.

I set out the completed IG, tallied it up and saw that I’m just 3 guys short of a completely painted Infantry Platoon. That’s pretty exciting as I’ve never had that before in 20+ years of painting. That’s why I’m painting Yarrick as a reward, though looking at his stats, I’m not sure what it is I’ll ever do with him on the table.

Also, I pulled out all the Mordheim buildings I own, repairing tears and gluing breaks here and there. Looks like we have decent terrain for those games since I’m too busy to be busting out Mordheim terrain.

What are you guys working on this Spring and how is your progress?


CylonDave said...

Great going! A full platoon is a great achivement indeed! Yarrick has his uses here and there when it comes to uber commisars, and if you ever work a unit of Ogrys onto your army he will would make a nasty addition to the force. Trust me I have seen it done and it's brutal!

I just finished a 40K Escalation league with my Chaos Daemons and I finished in 4th place out of 13. So I've been busy working on lots of daemons, but I am kind of looking forward to working on some Grey Knights now...funny!

On the Valhallan front I got a lot of sentinel work going on, working on an Apaco Formation, and also trying to finish a Griffon....More to come! :)

Good Luck!

Yeti's Yell said...

Hmmm... Ogryns eh? I will contemplate that. Thanks!

Congrats on the escalation league Dave! That's pretty sweet and daemons... well, I love the unholy so +1 to you. I have a Nurgle horde myself, festering under a dust blanket. If only for a Nurgle 40kdex.

Everybody should check out Dave’s page, Rynnsguard HQ, and enjoy the goodness… I for one am anxious to hear about the sentinal formations!

Jason said...

I've always said you were three guys short of a full platoon.

Yeti's Yell said...

I saw what you did there Jason. Well played sir.