Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Forge World: Mechanicum Myrmidon Secutor = Enginseer

So, I bought the 7th BRB and the new IG codex (Astra Militarum). I stripped a ton of Valhalla IG models over the last 2 weeks, readying them for paint.

I also ordered some Forge World, the first in probably 10 years I think. I converted the Adeptus Mechanicus Myrmidon Secutor  a bit, relocating his axe arms into a higher position on his frame and holding the large power axe upright. It looks cooler, is more sturdy and less likely to get hung up on other models. I also mag-mounted the arms and weapons… he’s my new Enginseer, as pictured above. Yeah, I see some flash I still have to manage on his power axe... damn it.

So, off to the paint line for some coatings to protect his vital systems from the miasma of war in the dark future of 40k.

Here's hoping he lives long enough to repair something.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Star Wars X Wing Miniatures: TIE Phantom First Build

A cloaked TIE Phantom right out of the box.
I picked up my first ship of Wave 4, opting for the most interesting (Cloaking mechanic) vs the coolest looking (Headhunter or TIE Defender). The E Wing is really nice, according to her girlfriends, and has a great personality. She's also sitting home alone on Friday nights, watching The Middle with her Mom and little brother. Well, in my mind anyway.

Let's just start off with how I'm probably running this ship my first few games. The Phantom comes with a Cloak Action and Decloak. Notice that Decloak is NOT an Action. When you use a Cloak Action it gives you a Cloak Token, which goes on the ship and is not removed at the end of the turn. It remains until you spend it to Decloak. Cloaked ships add 2 Defense dice, bringing the base Phantom up to 4 Defense while cloaked. You can't attack while cloaked but that is made up for with base 4 Attack dice. Like the other Small ships that can take Crew (HWK) it can take 1 Crew. Upon decloaking before you reveal your dial, you take a 2 Straight or 2 Barrel Roll (also not an Action). It's easy to imagine that this is the ship not reappearing exactly where the enemy expects. This sets up some interesting ambush or dogging tactics. The dial is workable, it feels like it is cruising at 2 and 3 and has a sprint of straight 4. You are shedding Stress with a complete set of 2 moves, all Green, which I like. She has a red 3 and 4 Kiogran which I was surprised by too.

It comes boxed with 2 Modifications specifically intended for the Phantom, though only one is named Phantom-only. These make sense on the Sigma and Shadow pilots below without other upgrades. But I left these alone for now... Stealh Device was calling my name.
Some neat ability and options are on these cards. Being the compulsive shopper I am, I opted for psychological warfare instead of hitting power and doubled-down on the Cloaking ability. To do that I needed an Elite Pilot Skill and so, Echo.

That's 36 points... a tad pricy but probably frustrating to fight. I hope.
 I took the named pilot, "Echo" along with Stealth Device to give him 3 Defense dice uncloaked and 5 Cloaked. Push the Limit allows for an Evade or Focus to pad out a Cloak ability or Evade and Focus while cloaked. Echo's ability to use the 2 Turn templates instead of a 2 Straight upon decloaking is ok but I really took Echo for PTL via Elite Pilot Skill. You are looking at 36 points for everything you see here. Interesting, no?

If I were rolling this ship build against a Rebel Transport or Tantive list I'd probably opt to add Recon Specialist to help with Focus, which makes defense more annoying or shooting better when decloaking. 39 points is A LOT for a Small ship but again, a few hundred points of a large game can soak the gimmick up easily.

Look, 5 Defense dice is nothing to sneeze at, inconsistent as that may be. Decloaking behind some Rebel ship and throwing 5 Attack dice at Range 1 on an Ambush is pretty damn fine as well. To follow an old paint-makers saying, "you can make it nice but can you make it twice?" I don't know yet. It may be that the build above doesn't do much after you unzip your fly and take a shot. I guess it comes down to how much of the game you want to spend cloaked to begin with. For now, I like the odds it has to close against Rebel turrets and not bleed-out en route to Range1 or going stealth as the lines cross, head-on.  PTL is awesome on almost everything but if I find it's possibly overkill for the role this ship trends towards then I'll gladly take Determination.

I gotta say, I think the Cloak action is pretty elegant as a mechanic and it will be interesting to see if anything else ends up with it. While not FFG-legal I will definitely be removing the ship from the base when Cloaked for the visual gag during friendly games. Becuase why not.

The above is not a deep analysis of what you can do with the Phantom, more like a first blush response. I've found that my dream builds of newly released ships usually equates to going to the gym and just working the vanity muscles. Looks good in a pic but living it may be very different than anticipated when there is heavy lifting to be done on the job.

Well, I'm off to my sister's this weekend where I will face my Rebel-Scum-in-Law Mike. I'll share out how the Phantom worked in a (ulp) 100 point list.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Star Wars X Wing: Shout Out to Fantasy Flight Customer Service

Hey! Eyes up here and off my female peg!

This update is overdue. I bought an X Wing expansion a bit ago to pad out my army lists for the bigger format games these days, thanks to the largemungus Rebel Transport and Tantive box sets that were released.

When I opened the blister I noticed that the "female" peg that was seated and glued into the X Wing model itself wasn't seated all the way in before it was glued at the factory. I didn't think it'd break. It did, right after I put a flight peg into it. Bummer.

Let the record show that I own multiples of every expansion except for the new large ships and Wave 4 so I had not seen this before in X Wing Miniatures, nor any other FFG game I own. I didn't really worry as I pushed the stirring pangs of buyer's remorse back into their dysfunctional drab corners of my mind... but they did stir. 

I used FFG's Replacement Parts section on their Customer Service pages and told them the deal, sent them a pic. I only asked for another female peg as replacement since I could easily remove the broken one and replace with the new. Interface was easy and a message back landed within a day. They'd replace "it".

A brand new X Wing showed up at my door about a week or so later. They probably had to handle it that way since they probably didn't have access to sending out just a single peg but I was really happy with the service.

Well done FFG and thanks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Dungeon Explore: Ember Mage

Just a few fast pics of a fast paintjob on Ember Mage. I finished her (for now) awhile ago, just never posted until now. Since my son and I share a birthday on June 21st and we both love SDE, I have some big buys in store for presents and so, more SDE up on these pages some point soon.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Warhammer 40K: First 7th edition game


Well, my buddy Joe sums it up better than I could, as far as real insightful thoughts go on the first 7th edition 40K game of the year. He is a seasoned 40k player across the last few editions and me, not so much. We share sentiments.

There are some pics of the match too. It was fun but man did it turn into a study group pretty fast... hence some dazed expressions easily and accurately perceived as bewilderment too...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Warhammer 40k: 7th Edition & Star Wars X Wing Pics

I have a 7th edition game tonight, my first 40k in... what must be years. My good ol' Valhallans (above) will muster once again. I bought 7th Psychic cards and IG order cards in preparation which felt wrong somehow...  and somewhere I am sure, several baby dogs fell ill in sweet, soft ways. I am a monster.

Here are a few shots of the weekend Star Wars showdown, where a Lando list I built for Mike S. creamed my Boba Fett list. Mike is a monster. Or I am, not sure.

Hey Turr, we heard you like no Pilot traits and no Action bar from one hit by Flechette Torpedoes! Good luck repairing the damage with the only action you can possibly take... or not, after you shed Stress. FOR 2 POINTS!!!!!!
Oh Wedge Antilles, you had me at whatever the first word you said was...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Printed Star Fields for Star Wars X Wing

Just wanted to share some pics that I printed for Star Wars X Wing. I discovered a large-format printer in the basement at work, seemingly forgotten and certainly unknown to me. It had puppy eyes when I turned the light on in the room, I felt bad and so I gave it some images to spit out… good boy! Who’s a good boy? You are!

The following are 3'x3' or 4'x4'. While the price was right (free), durability may be an issue as the glossy finish will scuff. I am going to look to see what some cheap frames cost and may just make these into play areas under plexi that can hang on my wall when off duty. These are all images I pulled off the web from GIS.

My game group talked about board effects in play, given the setting. Turbo lasers and tractor beams may make sense here. I was slightly disappointed that the image was unavoidably pixelated at this size but it really doesn't diminish the fun of it at all.
This one doesn't photograph great but looks awesome in real life. The wide asteroid field goes well to compliment the close-in feeling of flying around in millions of miles of tumbling boulders. The orange area to the left is lens flare from sheen and not part of the image. The flash makes the ships pop more than what you see in real life too but you get the idea.
This is a Hubble photo... and a beautiful one at that. There is something about the starscape and nebula that is a refreshing change to Lucas blue and black of his backgrounds.

This one is 4'x4' and intended for the large ship expansions. Gonna definitely hang this one up on the wall when not playing on it.