Friday, December 12, 2014

Bushido: Completed Objective Markers

I made these for Bushido. The Tourny Pack calls for a series of objective circles as well as 6 small based and 2 large based markers. The small markers are craft store wooden bits on magnets, attached to a small base. At one point I was under the impression that I needed to make these rotate to show the status of who controls them. Watching a game, I saw players simply turn the front of the marker to face the controlling player's board edge. Doh. Oh well.

The large based markers are 2 Feng Shui dogs I picked up off of Amazon for US$10 and mounted on large bases. All told, a few nights of work here from undercoat, some drybrushing layers, sponge painting, washes then a custom moss recipe of moss made out of basing flock, water, Mod Podge glue and a dab of green paint. The kanji are just technical pen and a lousy Westerner's hand. Sorry Japan!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bushido: WIP Temple Bushi and Finished Objective Stones

Just a fast WIP on the Ito Clan I am painting now, a Temple Bushi.

Chiyo is on the table right now and she's underway, even as I wrap up some details on him. I am toying with the idea of cobra skin on his lapels. We'll see.

Also, I finished 3 of the 6 small objective markers recommended by the Tournament Pack. These are wood, magnets, paint, technical pen and a homemade moss (which dries rock hard but looks soft).

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics, Bushido, Strange Aeons and Forge World

Seriously, you can't tell how big the box is. It would hold a tomcat.
I am supposed to be getting ready for a 40k Apocalypse game in January but... but... Kickstarter! My copy of Robotech RPG Tactics landed with what seems to be 400 eleventeen sprues of Wave 1 mecha plus cards, rulebook, dice, counters, decals and Gloval knows what else. My buddy Pete describes this as a slow-grow effort at his house. I'd have to agree. Totally going transparent bases with these, a first for me... looking at you, Litko. First impressions are good though the ruleset really does seem to be a child of litigation, where the parents (Harmony Gold and Palladium) settled on making this game but not making it a "miniature" game even though that's exactly what it is (it's detailed game pieces, NOT miniatures). That aside, the ruleset is interesting in mechanic, a hybrid of a few systems. I'm giving the stink eye towards it's army building guidelines and that some sprues were damaged in transit. That said, I've seen a lot worse. Big ups to my buddy Pete for fronting this until I could sign the adoption papers, this will be fun. For the record, the first game I ever made on my own, with written rules and playtesting, was a Robotech game using Matchbox, Orgus and Revell models plus wooden blocks for buildings. Yup, the buildings took damage. So this is a Homecoming of sorts.

At the same damn time as this large box invading my house, I jumped into Bushido, with some insanely beautiful miniatures. Actually, maybe too beautiful? I am not sure that everyone will go in for the intricate and beautifully delicate figs despite the just-as-beautifully elegant low model count rules. I went Ito Clan and I'm painting them now, eschewing all other obligations, including some Top-Secret Lurker stuff I started for Strange Aeons. Seriously, check out Bushido if you like movies like Ninja Scroll, the Avatar cartoon or almost anything Jet Lee flew through sideways.

Here's a few objective counters I made for Bushido as a warm up. I needed to work out a mossy vine recipe and stone paint scheme. Nailed it!

Finally, I'm waiting for some jeweler's saw blades that hopefully will make it through the impending Nor' Easter/Thanksgiving Slingshot Catapult/Clothesline. We'll see but I know Philly ain't Buffalo so we should be fine. Once they get here I'll be building a Forge World Avenger for my buddy Lovell.

Speaking of full plates...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US peeps and peace to everyone else.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Strange Days

It has been pretty quiet on the blog but not so much in real life. I guess that meant that I did see a real division between blog and life, as this space here is supposed to be representative of the escape that games were for me. Not so now.

Reality makes updates (or lack thereof) as real as it gets and any division fades.

More than a week ago my mother went in for a life-saving lung transplant in New York. She was critically ill with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Despite a less than 7% chance of finding a donor matching her rare antibody profile, she did or I should say, the poor donor passed, and the life the donor lost gave mom a fighting chance at her own, so it found her. Relief at the news of a donor match can feel very transactional at first but the emotion sets in fast; it is humbling when a donor tries to save a life with their passing. It is a very real sacrifice. Well played, whoever you are.

Today, mom is still in critical care and has had every setback possible short of dying on the table during surgery. Before that surgery, she basically slept for 2 weeks running up to the donor's death as her O2 diffusion was so poor that breathing was only a clinical truth. Graft dysfunction, ECMO, kidney damage, organ efficacy, bypass, dialysis, hundreds of gallons of meds and blood infusions, neurological complications, MERSA... hell, even one of the doctors at the hospital where mom is residing in tested positive for Ebola but mercifully things are going well both for the doc and everybody else. See also: Give everyone a break already.

All of the above elicits feelings that range from, "what can I do to help" to "why bother?" The former isn't really a question. We're all there to support her and each other which we do. The latter takes more gumption both to ask to begin with and then, to answer. But the answer is simply that this was the only shot that she had. With less than a month or so left alive on her own, a transplant was what she wanted, it was her only hope. I remind everyone that she wanted this; technically, she could have just skipped it and passed on. But she chose to fight and did not want to just fade. She doesn't want to keep missing out on the kids growing up. She loves people and wants more time. She was an ER nurse for 30 years... she urged so many to never give up for so long, it is ingrained. So the answer to the former and the latter is the same, "she's fighting and so, we are too".

If you've read this far, I guess you get that this is the sort of free therapy that the internet is good for. Thanks. But more importantly beyond that, you are human and have a family. Given the games & hobby this blog orbits, you are probably the same-ish demographic as me in age, income and responsibilities: you are seeing how kids become the parents of the family as your family ages. When my kids were born, advice rained on our house like hail. But in the cool quiet of your elder parent's late years, that advice only patters on the pane when the wind seems to blow and the prevailing opinion changes direction like Fall gusts. So, we play the same game on many levels and it is easy to only see it as player one.

To close out this post, I just feel compelled to say that I don't want to escape too much from reality since we are what we do, but that was where it clicked. If you are blessed in life, you will have tough choices to make that almost always affect people. Games aren't really an escape, I realized, since they recharge me by the intrinsic interaction required to play or discuss them. The shared experiences games create is a nexus for interacting with just about everyone I know. Sure the settings are daydream fuel... and I daydream a lot, an escape of sorts. But my escape is really about joining others in reality. Hell, I'm taking Memoir '44 to the hospital with me so my dad and I can play and unwind. And that is my point, even in games high on "fighty" it is always a test on resolving people conflict, finishing the fight together. Games are great at empowering people to feel what closing out a conflict feels like probably when they need it most, like during a too-long lung transplant procedure. Or losing a loved one who is an organ donor. And at last, this is the reason I didn't really sweat the lack of updates as we fight for a reality that includes mom.

Life is a game and the goal is to play it. You only win when you play, when you fight. You only lose when you don't take your turn. Mom knows losing doesn't matter, only living to take a shot at the win.

Good luck on your turn.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NOVA 2014 Open: Jake Hoffman Warmachine/Hordes Hardcore Finals

I knew Jake when he started out playing Warmachine at Roundtable Games in Conshohocken, PA, years past, when my buddy Joe owned what was the best game store ever in my area. Great community of guys that I miss a lot. Always great to see somebody start out, then blow way past you in ability and enjoy the game the way you want. Great guy and good game play ahead!Don't look back, Jake!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strange Aeons: Swimming Fishman

Ok, first attempt at the swimming fishman for Strange Aeons is passable but really shows what rendering water in resin does for you when you try and fool the eye. By cutting up the Bones Tiik warrior and gluing it to blister plastic the size of an average base, I thought the illusion would be made with clear latex caulk... and it does look cool. The problem is all of my water features are deep tinted resin so the illusion of a swimming Deep One is sorta ruined as the eye sees below the surface and there isn't anything there. The effect will look fine on darkly painted water features that have no depth to them, like paint and polyurethane covered board.

That said, I was happy with the improv of putting caulk into a small medical syringe to aid laying down small ropes. It took more than a day to dry but overall it is an effect I'll develop more.

The real issue in this was the water based polyurethane I used on the painted fishman itself. I wanted a deep wet look on him and when I applied the polyurethane, ANY backbrushing tore the paintlayers right from the figure, leaving just the spray primer. So I imperfectly re-covered a few layers of paint and just moved on.

I'll be heading back to this idea of sculpting waves and swimming, as I add some more fishmen to the mix.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Strange Aeons/Pre-Paint Repaint: "Puma shirt... panther shirt. Puma shirt? Panther shirt."

Alright, here's another cheap pre-paint repaint of a... well, I don't really know what the hell this is supposed to be. The base said, "undead panther" but it really looks like a bobcat or baby bear or something. No idea how a panther becomes undead. Guess I should look for undead koalas, narwhals, pigeons and sloths.

But this thing looks undead enough (and small enough) as a counts-as Swarm for Strange Aeons and cost 2 bucks so I took it home, cleaned up mold lines, primed it, rebased it and repainted it in about 20 minutes. Nothing fancy. Just an undead panther-thing. No big deal.