Friday, February 27, 2015

Bushido: Chiyo (Temple Bushi)

A named Temple Bushi and a pissed off one at that... somebody is about to die by Chiyo's sword and good luck with all that.

Another knock-out GCT Studios sculpt that I was just about able to do some justice to, the design of this model is crazy awesome. The only gripe I have is constructive. The model was de-molded too soon and so, some piping was lost on her kimono and there was a flash line running North/South on her face that left me doing plastic surgery in ways I do not enjoy. But in the end, she came out great. My buddy Pete pointed out GCT's replacement section on their website. Ok, good to know. Practically speaking, I like that I can run her as Chiyo or just a separate Temple Bushi. Kore de o-shimai!!!!

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