Thursday, May 29, 2014

Warhammer 40k: 7th Edition & Star Wars X Wing Pics

I have a 7th edition game tonight, my first 40k in... what must be years. My good ol' Valhallans (above) will muster once again. I bought 7th Psychic cards and IG order cards in preparation which felt wrong somehow...  and somewhere I am sure, several baby dogs fell ill in sweet, soft ways. I am a monster.

Here are a few shots of the weekend Star Wars showdown, where a Lando list I built for Mike S. creamed my Boba Fett list. Mike is a monster. Or I am, not sure.

Hey Turr, we heard you like no Pilot traits and no Action bar from one hit by Flechette Torpedoes! Good luck repairing the damage with the only action you can possibly take... or not, after you shed Stress. FOR 2 POINTS!!!!!!
Oh Wedge Antilles, you had me at whatever the first word you said was...

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Me. said...

good luck tonight!