Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Printed Star Fields for Star Wars X Wing

Just wanted to share some pics that I printed for Star Wars X Wing. I discovered a large-format printer in the basement at work, seemingly forgotten and certainly unknown to me. It had puppy eyes when I turned the light on in the room, I felt bad and so I gave it some images to spit out… good boy! Who’s a good boy? You are!

The following are 3'x3' or 4'x4'. While the price was right (free), durability may be an issue as the glossy finish will scuff. I am going to look to see what some cheap frames cost and may just make these into play areas under plexi that can hang on my wall when off duty. These are all images I pulled off the web from GIS.

My game group talked about board effects in play, given the setting. Turbo lasers and tractor beams may make sense here. I was slightly disappointed that the image was unavoidably pixelated at this size but it really doesn't diminish the fun of it at all.
This one doesn't photograph great but looks awesome in real life. The wide asteroid field goes well to compliment the close-in feeling of flying around in millions of miles of tumbling boulders. The orange area to the left is lens flare from sheen and not part of the image. The flash makes the ships pop more than what you see in real life too but you get the idea.
This is a Hubble photo... and a beautiful one at that. There is something about the starscape and nebula that is a refreshing change to Lucas blue and black of his backgrounds.

This one is 4'x4' and intended for the large ship expansions. Gonna definitely hang this one up on the wall when not playing on it.


Tyranideadite said...

Da da da, dum de-da, dum de-daa...

Yeti's Yell said...


Joe Kopena said...

What if you just spray the prints with a layer or two of gloss or matte coat to help protect them from chipping?

Yeti's Yell said...

Joe: The vehicle in the spray would probably destroy the print emulsion.

Wondergecko said...

This looks absolutely killer, man. I need to stop using bare tabletops.
Also, I’ve got some third party X-wing stuff and general 6mm scifi terrain and minis coming in a few months, via Kickstarter. (Hopefully coming, I guess.) If you have any interest, check out my blog (which will be frequently updated): http://pewpewminis.wordpress.com/