Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Warmachine: Khador Kodiak Conversion

Since I am in a campaign and could be facing my first game this week, I figured I better build the one 'jack in my list that I didn't have built. How's that for campaign strategy? Build the models you tell everyone you'll use? That's me, the winner.

With the advent of larger warjacks by way of updated models and the fact I am 1) cheap 2) unmotivated to trade up to new models 3) loathe to use my favorite warjack as-is (Answer: all) I decided to upgrade the "classic" metal kit.

I added Behemoth legs to a Devastator/Spriggen metal waist. I also added original Kodiak hull spikes to his fists for yup, you guessed it, MORE SPIKES. I just remember when he had Hammerfist and sorta want to honor that tradition. Good old Hammerfist.

I ordered Beast 09 Black Ivan shoulder pads too (seen in pic one before final fitting). I canted the pose a bit and cut/tilted his head. All told I think it is a good "Pathfinder" pose and while he is a bit taller and more dynamic than the original model, it isn't crazy overt. He's just more spiky and hulky while looking more mobile. Yeah, I left his right foot up, wanted to keep that tread detail visible.

More after paint.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love the dynamic pose!

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks Paul. Welcome back again!