Sunday, October 27, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore: 2 Hero Game's Worth of Painting Finished

I finished what was needed for the basic version of Super Dungeon Explore, a 2 hero game.
  1. 2 Heros, Royal Paladin and Riftling Rogue
  2. 1 Kobold Shaman
  3. 2 Iron Scales
  4. 3 Knuckle Heads
  5. 2 Flingers
  6. 2 Treasure Chests
  7. 2 Kobold Warrens 
  8. Rex the Ogre

Up next for paint (and black primed just today) is the Dragon's Clutch stuff, comprised of the dragon Starfire and all his chillen, plus Egg Clutch Spawn, as well as treasure chests, Boo Booties and another hero, Ember Mage.

Riftling Rogue
Rex the Ogre

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