Thursday, April 26, 2012

Strange Aeons WIP: Scenes of Horror Template

In Strange Aeons the antagonists (Lurkers) can rock out some templates of terrain that messes with the mind of humans on the board. The rulebook gives you a lot of room to do what you want so go ahead and show mass mutilations, clutches of monster eggs, zombies breaching the lawn, portals to the outer dark, the local DMV. It's an open page. The stone steps are just foamcore carved into blocks and two metal GW skull pillars. The girl is an old Dark Eldar slave girl (who I think was supposed to be a Sister of Battle).

I forget why I had built this many years ago, for a Mordheim Vampire game I think, but it seemed a good fast track to a scene of horror so I'm glad I stored it away for another strange day. The rulebook says a CD-sized template is what you use, so I mounted the piece on there, will add texture paint, maybe put some banks of candles and pentagrams on the pavers and repaint the victim/hostage/cultist/whatever-she-is. Yes, she can be removed and her standard-sized base can be replaced by an idol or something else appropriate.


Finn said...

Awesome. I remember this piece. Didn't it fit like a puzzle piece into the Mordheim "Halloween" board. I think it was supposed to be the piece where the climactic battle for the particular scenario you designed played out.

Yeti's Yell said...

@Finn: yeah, that's it. I'm not sure if anybody ever KO'd the vampire and rescued her. I think the zombies ate everybody.