Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eldar Abyss

I had originally intended that my Eldar ships look like the "UFO's" from The Abyss but by choosing green for the solar sails, I moved away from that. While looking at the Necron fleet sitting in a box I realized that I had crossed the streams, so to speak, in using GW's Scorpion Green with the Eldar. I was planning on using that for "Necron glow" when I paint the 'Cron fleet.

My buddy Joe knows that I have this obsession with finding dice sets that match my army color schemes and true to form, I picked up a cheap Chessex set that matches my Eldar fleet scheme well. Seeing the purple/blue/mother-of-peal dice was a hint to maybe try and tie the scheme back toward The Abyss.

To that end, see the color matching tests I did off of the Chessex dice above. It's a tricky match because you have to get the tones right one level up on the value table, to account for it coming down again when I add the iridescent tinting medium on top, which adds a lot of sheen and that mother-of-pearl look. I'm going to do up a test Eldar frigate in the paint method above but then paint the solar sails in these matched colors instead of green and see what it does for the overall look. After that test ship is done I'll post it and you guys can let me know which you prefer.

Add clever Space Marine vs Eldar caption here.

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