Sunday, February 19, 2012

Battlefleet Gothic: Torpedoes

 I got my hands on some first-gen BFG ordnance sprues which I think may have been early versions of Chaos fighter craft, as they were shown in the first Warp Storm and seemed lined up as a flight of fighters, not torpedoes, in the picture. The casts were so bad I just turned what I could into torps for the game. Nothing fancy, but nice to have.


CylonDave said...

Great Job! Are you running regular games of BFG now? I've seen a lot of post on here about BFG recently. Good Luck!

Yeti's Yell said...

Hey CylonDave,

My club is ramping up BFG again while I've been steadily painting the ton of stuff I have over this last year, just because. It is sorta a happy coincidence in that way. I have run through a few games on my own to warm up to the 2010 BFG FAQ, which changes a few features with the game, on top of me being rusty to begin with.

Trickstick said...

Good idea on the torpedoes, I had not thought of cutting down fighters. I'm considering trimming all of the wings from sets of three fury fighters, so that they are just engines and hull. Then I may stick 3 on one of the epic bases, cut to the right width for a 3 wide marker.

As an aside, I have my strike craft now. I went for the 3-4-5 formations. I wasn't going to but the 5 fighter bases just look so nice, it really gives the feeling of a swarm of fighters.

Thanks for the idea, I was recently lamenting the fact that you can't buy torpedoes any longer.