Monday, December 5, 2011

Battlefleet Gothic: New Imperial Fleet

At least the fighters and bombers are done...

Here's a WIP shot of my "new" Imperial Navy fleet for BFG. I say "new" because we all know how old these models are. I inherited them from my buddy Wil who gave up the BFG ghost and so passed a mighty box of models my way. I parsed out the box amongst friends, including some Space Marine ships to Joe over at Rocketship Games. Since then, I've been painting steadily, building up a very large fleet for Chaos, a starter fleet for Eldar and now a decent-sized one for the Imperials. The only thing I added on my own to this Imperial Fleet was the Emperor class battleship. I intend on painting hash marks onto the bases for arcs, something I've been doing with Warmachine from the start so here's hoping I can pull that off here.

I have a game of BFG in January against the local guru's Ork fleet, so I want to have this fully painted before the end of the holidays, just so it looks great when he cleaves my fleet into spinning, shredded debris fields.

When the fleet is done I'll post up a color list/process.


Brian Carlson said...

Looks great, what color progression did you do on the ships?

Yeti's Yell said...

Thanks Brian. The colors went a little something like this:

1. prime Black
2. Two thick drybrushes of GW graveyard Earth via medium flat brush all over ship
3. Light drybrush GW Desert yellow along top flat surfaces via medium flat brush
4. GW Rotten Flesh drybrush along top surfaces and side surfaces via large round brush
5. Light Graveyard Earth db via small round brush, to warm up any areas that are too "contrasty" i.e. areas where dark undercoat goes to Rotten Flesh with no gradation. Hit with Rotten Flesh as above if you go too dark.
6. Front armor and finials are an off-white craft color with a hint of blue in it (Folk Art Light Blue) thinned with water. 2 coats.
7. Metals are GW Mithril Silver plus GW Ice Blue/flow enhancer wash.