Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Straight Silver-ish: Machete Man-day

Sometimes a guy just has to go out and buy a machete.

Monday was that day for me. I noticed the Gerber Gator Pro at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods on Sunday while looking at shotguns and realized that of all the years I did pro landscaping and lived/played in the outdoors, I never tried one out.

Not sure what I waited for.

I went back on Monday and I brought it home, took the “lawyer edge” off of it with a bastard file and then honed it up to a real edge. I took it outside into my overgrown tree line and reduced the thickest knot of bracken down to a pile in about 20 minutes. Unreal. What a deft swipe couldn’t sever, a flip of the wrist brought the back edge saw blade to task… zip! Done.

It held its edge all afternoon, had fine balance, was solid and safe (remember to use the lanyard!)

All this and it was only $25.00 US.

Finally, it was completely therapeutic.

I highly recommend one if you have the work that warrants it.


Jason said...

That's cool, but when are we going skeet shooting?

Yeti's Yell said...

Man, I was so close to getting a Mossberg 930 spx Sunday. I spent good quality time handling it and looking at how it works at the store.

The 930 would be OK for skeet but I'll probably have to get a pump first, which would be cheaper and better for clay.

That didn't really answer your question but that's all I got.