Saturday, October 22, 2011

FW Proteus: Love

Photo via Forge World all rights reserved

I've looked into the eyes of Forge World's Land Raider Proteus and it's like the first time I heard The Beatles: See the Forge World Land Raider Proteus be sure to read the experimental rules.

I'm still toying with doing a Space Wolf force or, perhaps better, bring this relic to my aging Plague Marine force where it would look fantastic with the old Nurgle models. The high school junior in me just squeeed, recalling the days of plastic Land Raider kits and unstoppable rage (mine from high school, not the land raider's).

I really like the experimental rules. I'm not sure about the points cost but the features it brings are... interesting. I "play" guard so I'm aware of what the Master of the Fleet and Astropath do to enemy plans. Proteus does the same. Proteus also dislikes melta spam and just feels like the precious WOPR from ages past. It might not be a total detriment to putting down on the table just because it looks so damn cool.

So what do you marine players think?


Jason said...

I think you should build a force around the model. But, uh, the rules... it's better than a standard Land Raider but also cheaper? Wha?

Jason said...

Ok, so I looked again and it has a terrible transport capacity, no assault vehicle, and no forward ramp. This is probably not a Space Wolves machine.

Yeti's Yell said...

Yup, valid points for the loyalist marines. I was wondering if the Proteus was a good Apoc vehicle for loyalists, given what it does for/against reserves. But it just might be a great Nurgle Marine vehicle.

Jason said...

I think it's still good, and probably well under an appropriate points cost. Load in some Sternguard or Plague Marines (or better yet, Thousand Sons), drive up to an objective and let the squad jump out, rapid-firing nearby infantry to hold the objective.