Sunday, December 5, 2010

40K WIP: Vehicle Stowage and Autocannons

It'll be a short week, with a paper and final due by next Saturday, so I'll only try to paint 3 autocannons and some vehicle stowage for the tanks this week.

I'll be using all of the stowage I have nested away for outfitting the tanks in this company; Forge World, GW and Tamiya parts.

As for the autocannons I think the theory of what they do for a squad holds up well: good against troops, transports and skimmers. Getting orders works well for them too as a bonus (which can't be counted on.)

I took the sight blades off the muzzles of the autocannons with Xacto and file. I also tapped barrel holes. I left the crew shields off too, obviously. I may add them later, not sure.

The two already-completed squads will each get an autocannon. The third squad on the paint table will only be 8 guys plus an autocannon and two painted guys from the other squads.

After that I'll get to the Company Command Squad and to whatever remaining things need doing, like scratch building a Medusa gun and getting something going for a Master of Ordnance.


Joe Kopena said...

Personally I'm usually a big fan of gun shields. Not saying they're needed, but it can make the whole thing feel beefier. Worth playing around with.

Joe Kopena said...

I feel like autocannons are a credible threat against Rhino walls. Cheaper than lascannons (I assume), but still pretty solid percentages against AV 11/10.

Yeti's Yell said...
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Yeti's Yell said...

@Joe: The price is better for AC's than LC's and the AC's are Heavy 2 which smoothes out BS3 a bit, maybe.

Gunshields: I negelected to say that I upcycled the gun shields to the Chimera Heavy Stubbers. If I go with that Tarantula turret system I've been threatening to do I may add the shields back to the AC's/HB's...