Saturday, December 4, 2010

40K WIP: Valhallan Commander

Valhallan Commander

Here's a mock-up of the Valhallan Commander. I used Solar Macharius' cloak for the back. I completed him with the binoculars and arms from the tank commander sprue.

In his previously painted version, he had a plasma pistol and power fist. I've since disassembled and stripped him. This time around I'm looking to give him a power sword and plasma pistol.

I think these bits work becuase:

  1. He's in a more realistic "commander" pose. He looks like he's moderating the fight.
  2. The tank commander arm bits have frogging and that will tie the commander visually to the Lt's in the Platoon Command Squads who also have frogging. Commisars have that as well.
  3. Macharious' cloak has a sheathed power sword poking out, good for arming the commander. The bigger area of fur on the cloak will tie him in better with the fur lining of the troops while bulking him out a bit.
His arms/hands aren't really styled like the other Valhallans but I'm fine with that. I could bulk them out with greenstuff but I'm on a deadline.

The final model will be trimmed and put together tighter but that's basically it.

Let me know what you think.

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Joe Kopena said...

Absolutely no one will ever notice in a meaningful way that the hands are different. It'll be hard to see on the table in an actual game even when pointed out, and even if spotted will be hard to catch (I'm not totally sure how they differ) and totally justifiable as him being a commander, with slightly different back history and resulting accumulated outfit.

Looks good. I totally dig the powersword poking out.