Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bushido: Prefecture of Ryu Starter Set and New Arc Markers

Here is my painted Prefecture of Ryu set. I tried to make the colors more of the popping kind, such as you'd see in a military parade dress than something field worn. No better way to subjugate the populace than to disembark a large boat, burst into their villages quick step march with gleaming lacquer armor and fatigues which hide bleeding wounds, and remind them all who rules Jwar. Right now, they do.

Okay, laying it on thick. Truth is, the metallic blue really looks great in IRL and lends interest to the minis without a lot of effort. So that's the scheme I went with.

Up next, Kappa and Grey Pilgrim to get the Prefecture starter up to 50 rice, then more Ito to get that to 50 rice. After that? Some Savage Wave as long as my asshole friends leave me alone with all of this Shadow War jive :)

Related to friends who are not assholes, my buddy Joe has made a set of arc markers for all base sizes and I gotta say, it sure beats my old way of doing markers. I re-marked all of my Ito and this finished Prefecture set in about 40 minutes, which is pretty damn awesome. A set comes with all the sizes you are likely to need and handles straight and rounded bases. Just fix a model in there with a dollop of blu tac and you are off! Send him an email if you want to get a set, tell him Yeti sent you: tjkopena@gmail.com


Michael Awdry said...

They are beautifully done!

JamieM said...

These look great - and as someone with the starter set to paint it's great to have something to rip-off.... errr, be inspired by I mean!

da Gobbo Grotto said...

Brilliant as always Yeti, as for the markers do you reckon he'll ship to the UK?

Yeti's Yell said...

Mike and Jaime,

Thanks boys!


Hey buddy. Joe prints these arc makers on his 3D printer at home, so PM him for a quote. I think he'd just create a Bushido kit with 3 arc markers we use in the game, instead of the whole kit I have filled with sizes you'd never use. That should be useful and offset the crazy shipping across the pond.

Just reach out to Joe via his email above!


Paul O'G said...

Very nicely done - great colours and lovely dynamic figures

leang heng said...

So great design!

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