Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bushido: Yukio Imperial Envoy WIP

I think this guy is my favorite sculpt in all of Bushido. Sure, he's a support model and needs protection. Sure he's a coward. Sure he's a bureaucrat. And yeah,Golden Sentinel might be a must to deliver Yukio alive through the fray to use his Ki feat. Not sure yet.

Regardless of in-game qualities the character drips from this guy... it's insane. I think he's the most interesting sculpt in every way. GCT gave me a voucher that I used to get him and I am stoked. Only beef I have is a small part of the string for his cap was missing on his temple; yeah... people will notice that. It was seriously too thin to gap fill and too prominent in a place that will see fingers grabbing to move the model to use putty or caulk. So I trimmed the metal string off entirely and replaced that with same-gauge thread, fixed and stiffened with super glue. I was slightly bummed about this repair at first but in the end I got more detail on the straps so it totally worked out. Only took about 10 minutes of work.

Worth it!

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