Saturday, November 16, 2013

Field Trip: Fall In 2013, Lancaster PA

All Quiet on the Martian Front looked really awesome
Took a trip out to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the first day of Fall In 2013, given by the Historical Miniature Gaming Society. I tagged along with Trish, Pete and Pete's brother Al who talked about mayonnaise a lot but was otherwise a cool, normal dude. I had no real agenda save for enjoying myself and forgetting about work for one day. Also, there were difficult to pronounce flat meats for lunch.

Here are random snaps of what was a pretty big day for gaming in a beautiful town that smelled like manure money.

The camera fails to capture how big the vendor area was. And I didn't spend a dime.

Some nice guys demo'ing what looked like a Cold War era dogfighting game.

An Ancients game in progress. I must've seen at least 100 tables set up with awesome terrain and fully painted forces in all scales.

This was a "Roman Legionaries vs Some Poor Sods Who Got in the Way" game. The scale of this table was staggering... it spanned 13 4'x8' tables and the center hill was elevated by at least 3". Just unreal scope.
Fine scale Civil War
A really beautiful Sherlock Holmes skirmish game in progress. Mixed manufacturers here, with GW's Garden of Morr kit front-and-center
A Cowboys game in progress, not sure which ruleset. The nice guys here explained their terrain is cushion foam, ripped by hand and spray painted with Krylon (which doesn't attack that kind of foam). Great idea for decent and interesting terrain
Sofa cushion terrain!
I was in love with the display for All Quiet on the Martian Front. Heard a little about the Kickstarter and the release schedule. Yeah... I may get into this
Lots of terrain for sale in the vendor area, including this impressive piece
Some sort of Aztec fantasy set up with weird, cool mixed forces
Small scale WWII armor actions in a ruined countryside village
Allies probe the German advance
A very small part of a very large board... at least 15' long and filled with fine scale armor
Some classic Orks take on Daemons in 5th Edition 40K game
A steam ship plies the waters of what looks like the Nile... wasn't sure the setting or ruleset
Beautiful Civil War fight featuring multiple towns and what may be a thousand troops


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Some lovely looking games there. I agree- The Martian Front looks awesome- wish I had a few other interested guys to share in a big project with that!

Joe Kopena said...

That first Martian pic looks really good.

Congratulations on rolling your armour save against the vendor's section...