Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hordes WIP: Legion of EverScott

One of my best friends has a son named Scott, who apparently is getting into Everblight, so I offered to paint up some of his stuff, to get the young master to a painted standard. If he is interested, he can use this WIP series as a painting guide when he decides to try his hand. I'm looking to knock this group out in about 2 weeks of PT painting. I am using my paint and water-based stain method for these. All models are pinned and puttied where it matters. I haven't painted much of anything in months so this will be a nice way to get warmed up for the backlog in worthwhile fashion.

All told, this is on the bench:
  1. Lylyth
  2. Carnivian
  3. Shredders x4
  4. Nephilim
I added a Foresaken to the group for Scott, since that seems to be a must-have or probably-should-have, according to the kids at the pool hall.

Stay tuned for more as things progress.


Finn said...


Finn said...

What base colors did you use?

Yeti's Yell said...

I'll post a How-To soon.