Thursday, February 28, 2013

Strange Aeons WIP: Tombstones

Just a WIP of some tombstones that I picked up for Strange Aeons, though they can be used for anything. We have a mix of Armorcast tombstones/monuments and some more generic but actually more badass 'stones from itarsworkshop. All told I dropped about US$25 for the bunch, minus GW bases I already had.

I mounted them on aforementioned bases so I can alter the arrangement of the yard a bit. I factored in most of the solution set for tombstones to SA missions, so 6 free standing tombstones and the rest ranked up. Note that I took three cruciform tombstones, lopped off their bases and mounted them on GW cav bases, so the look like... wait for it... sarcophagi.

I'll be adding texture mix to the bases and then painting them up for the next game. Which may be after I graduate in June.



Paul of the Man Cave said...

Looking good mate - every Horror gamer needs a collection of good tombstones!!!

aka. Washu! ^O^ said...

Any chance of a tutorial for basing gravestones? I'm new to basing, so would like some tips!

Speaking of Itar's Workshop, they're having a KickStarter until May 18th. Time to get more tombstones! :D