Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore: Primed

Just a fast update on SDE efforts... since the kids have taken a shine to it I guess it's time to paint these guys up, so first batch is primed.

Gotta say, 100% loving the sculpts but hating the vinyl material they're cast in for clean up. I missed so many mold lines first time around that when I primed them I kicked myself in the face when I saw the flash. So, out came the razor again and... just damn.

I decided I'll paint this box with little variation from the cards, while my cousin-in-law John paints his own box up in different schemes. That will work out well, if and when we combine sets.

More as I go.


Tyranideadite said...

Sweet dude, game on!

Tyranideadite said...

I think they made it easier to post without a signin.