Saturday, November 3, 2012

Strange Aeons WIP: Mutant Venus Flytrap

 Strange Tales #3 sees lots of super-sized gribblies inside, new Lurkers just waiting to make you re-equip your Threshold team (again).

I was smitten by a few things in the Black Dossier but the Venus Fly Trap was something I already had my eye on doing as a Scene of Horror. So, I was thrilled to see a 2 point Mutant Venus Fly Trap and Plant rules staring back at me from pages 11 and 12.

I hit the pet store on the way home and grabbed the “Naturalist Flora” terrarium decoration that I saw a bit ago, promising that someday I’d drop the US $12 and turn it into Strange Aeons terrain. You can find these onEbay too.

With barely a change in plan, I popped it out of the package, trimmed it so it fit on a CD, hot glued it on and textured it with my homemade brand of “stinky stuff”, aka texture mud. It’s drying now. 

Tomorrow I will mask the plants and zap the base with water based spray, detailing as usual.
You could easily scratch build something similar with false eyelashes, aquarium plants, strips of paper and floral wire but I just don’t have time for that. Stay tuned!

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Nice work mate - now of course I NEED one of these too. Think I'll have a pair of legs hanging out of one of the mouths too :-)